Show the world your mad skills

Written by: Savannah McFarland

Everything wrong now,
Will be gone in a blink.
Even though things seem dark and bleak,
Just give out some smiles and a polite wink.
Don't just decide to take a life,
You're not the only one who deals with strife.

"No one will miss me when I am gone",
If that's what you think then you are wrong.
Come on, you can do let us be strong.
Don't make people start from zero.
Throw the pills out.
Be a hero.
This is your life, let's not waste it,
Life is short
Come now
Face it
Everything you see today
 didn't matter yesterday.

So when you feel down and out,
Just look to the sky and give a shout.
This is YOUR life
And it's what you do now that counts.

So put away the knife,
Get ready to live your life.
And put the gun down and throw out the pills.
It's time to show the world you're mad skills.