Burning Embers


One dark, chill-blistering night,
An ailing child abandon a will to fight.
Disease ravished an innocent soul,
Church bells bid a final toll.

Lost and wandering an essence cried,
Searching for a convivial divine guide.
Adrift between worlds transparent vales,
Bordering the realms amid ethereal wails.

A trembling voice chanted the lord's prayer
The heavens heeded his hour of despair.
A dire plea for a savior's un-forsaken love,
To shelter him with holiness above.

Descending gossamer wings unfurled,
Spiriting a child from an exited world.
Angelic feathers burning embers bright,
Lit a pathway through pitch of night.

Claiming this child's spectral hand,
Elements obey to deity's command.
Parting the seas of vast condemned,
Angels herald with voices hymned.

A guardian softly kissed a fevered brow,
steadfast upholding a sacred vow.
To guide a pure soul to divinity's door,
To twinkle upon the heaven's floor.

Admire the ebony skies afar,
Count the celestial brilliant star.
Echoing church tower melancholy rings,
A sweet child has earned ember wings.