My life i want back

Written by: Timothy Jacks

Killed still, alive still dead
spilled on her heart , skilled with the passion i pour there
I have a glass of her pain and it consumed me
true the truth hurts
it will do more than hurt, sure it will 
hunted and chased down
apprehended, caught, Im lost now
I fall< I rise up
I live for the satisfaction it gives her
half the battle aint even faught yet
half my heart still i breate air
all my love im willing,
doubted it not even for a second 
planted and watched hope grow
watched and never looked away from the first day
and from her first words
I deserved them
I am a success when i search you\
a failure when i give up
a monster when i get mad
the devil when you want him
a mind of a wise man when you try me
Im a fool just to blind them
a loud mouth to the be the sound of
a leader so they will surround me
a ninja when i get them all in then
a major part of the whole scheme of
The things i dream of 
the life i want back