I Didnt Know

Written by: Noble Smalls

There is that moment again.  
When you realize how important you should be for yourself
because you need to be strong for yourself
love yourself...
And no one should understand who you are.
But You know who you can be
Just for this moment.
Silence ...
I'm looking at myself with closed eyes opening my own heart. I'm not feeling like myself because I've touched my soul and felt that pinch of hurt , that's mine. I'm alive everyone.  No one can be my judge.
 but her words cut deep.  I mentally bleed to death with my over flowing thoughts.  As I listen to his words fill her ears and mind with lies. Love moved to the side with ease.  This can't be what's Love.
Open my eyes and I'm falling into the darkness of nightmares I'm afraid to share my feelings. Yet I'm criticized either way. whats more to be said? It gets deeper with my passion.  Maybe I did change the question; who remains the same? Its called adapting Love. To accept and to be strong with me, its easier to walk away I guess.