Written by: craig cornish

Wide  brushstrokes  of  indigo  cross  the  waning  blue.
Behind cloud curtains the sun is trying to break through.

Playful silhouettes dance there like a sultry tease,
Peaking, hiding, laughing, smiling, trying so to please.

Colored  like  a  negligee  with  lacy  shades  of  pink
And casting flirting flashing glances, tempting with a wink.

Shining through the stage is lit with her bright  brilliant  rays.
The shafts pour down, reaching ground, among the contours play.

As bolder strokes of indigo brush down upon the shore,
One  final  slash  defiantly  appears  for  its'  encore.

Then like it came behind the shades now once again it's gone,
And whispered final goodnight kiss, I'll see you in the morn.

Jan. 31, 2013