The Yoyo Player

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

The yo-yo player set it off, it is spinning on its length
He knew it was his skill his talent and his strength.

To let the yo-yo go with a flick of his wrist
If he had done it right it would run and then twist.

It would spin and roll away as far it could
But on its return it would come back to him or should.

No matter where it went he had a firm loving hold
The yo-yo was spinning but doing what it is told.

It has the freedom to turn roll and to spin
Because of that freedom it will return to him.

The flick as it goes sends it spinning so fast
But returns to the hand that it left last.

He can flick he can pull and he can really let it go  
But he is a master and it will return from each throw.

He has loved he has learnt it through pain and tears
The spinning yo-yo he sent off will return there’s no fear.

© 31/01/2013~GG~