All Ye of Little Faith

Written by: Eugene Harvey

Does God give us his word of truth
that we should walk blindly led by
antichrists who with intent tell lies?

Does God imbue us his holy spirit
that we may listen to ungodly men
who teach false doctrines as truth?

Did God send his begotten son
to preach the gospel of kingdom
only to have us believe another?

Did God give us his law that we
may continue in our sins and only
choose which ones we are to obey?

Has God predestined those he has
called to fail and fall away when
the trials of life become to hard?

Has God given us the gift of faith
to turn back to a life of sinfulness
forsaking his promise of eternal life?

For wide is the gate and broad is
the way that leads to eternal death,
and many choose to enter therein

But narrow is the gate and quite
challenging is the way which leads
to life, and only a few ever find it.

For while there are many called,
Only a very few are ever chosen

© Eugene Harvey