family housed by a bar

Written by: Frank Guglietta

Ten stools
Ten drunks
Grey beards singing old songs.
Torn leather under asses,
bellies squeezing out
of shirts.

Cheeks sucking in smoke
blowing out regret
Polishing beers
and cheap drinks
Some quiet
Some loud 

an everlasting silent conversation

One women, a 
                Stealing all their hearts
Swinging her long hips
under her wavy hair 
A smile followed by a voice
that peaks ears 

Advice given
as advice is taken

Feet dance to
the pulsing jukebox
                Knee’s fallen to
by laughter 

As minds get drunker
the bodies grow slouched
              The leather begins to breathe
Teresa ending another night
Counting earnings
winking goodbyes 

Some walk
others stumble

I thank Teresa 
wishing her a good night