Into the Void

Written by: Laura Breidenthal

Drawn into a black void of sound
Colors reverberate like noises in the shafts of dark
Tracing outlines of perturbing light streams
Flicking and slipping through like floating ribbons in space
A blur of intense emotion encompasses me within
All wrapped up in locked shadows sinned by slivers of silver
Aching, awaking, a heart pounds
Against drum beats of reveling, glowing patches of memory
What sick flash of the mind's eye led me to these reverberations?
Vibrating deep within, echoing off my taste buds
The coolness of uncertainty surrounds me in a circuit of desperate reality
Everything is moving - but I cannot feel it!
I cannot feel the time - the purpose of it all
I am transforming into meaningless blisters of blur
White meeting shadow - shadow enfolding on fogs 
Crawling in the air, floating curls of hair
Alone it seems these sensations flourish
With only flashes of memory serving as companions
Engulfed in the self unfolding like paper
Drawing new holes - welcoming the empty
Hope blown about in an visible breeze above   
Cringing leaves resting on its head

There is no way to express
The overwhelming sensations - this obscure wilderness
Locked tightly up and loosened when alone
No solid ground - alone I roam
Into the void I go
Into the void I stay
Into the void I ever will be

December 10, 2012