never late than never

Written by: dotun emmanuel

Now I feel lost,
Now I feel disappointed, 
Seems I’ve been cursed, 
I feel hunted...

Having my hopes crushed,
Having my labour stolen,
Can this pain be nursed?
I just look up to the moon...

And memories flash back,
Times I could have changed, 
Words I said in the dark,
Thoughts I could have rearranged...

The advises I could have taken,
The corrections I could have cherished,
Now I search for heaven,
The place my soul is constantly nourished...

But still, I see light, 
Still, I feel alive,
Still, I can do what is right,
For my greatness to arrive...

Though I’m down,
I’m not dead,
Why should I frown?
When I still have my head...

If there’s water,
Even in deserts,
What does it matter
To have a bleeding heart?

Now, I can look,
Even beyond what I see,
It’s in His book,
Everything I need to know about me...

Finally, there is joy, 
Something to smile about,
Finally, rich soil,
For my life to restart...