No more silent

Written by: Robert Walker

When I choose to speak my mind  seems no one ever takes me seriously
They tell me that I mumble so they really don’t  have to listen to me
It often make me uncomfortable and left wondering what to do
Why Is it  that no one seem to want to hear my point of view
When ever I try to give advice it’s always ignored by anyone else 
And you wonder why I have no friends and keep my opinions to myself
Life really is a book with one hell of a lesson to learn
And even if you are well read no one is ever concerned
People say when I speak my mind  all I do is complain
When in reality most of the time  all I am trying to do is explain
But I don’t argue with them for that is the best way to avoid a fight
And mostly when things come out my mouth they are not always polite
But as long as I may live I know I have a choice 
To choose rather or not I care enough just to lend a voice
Cause I refuse to just lose this fight  by not being heard
For I’m going to say what I choose and stand behind my words