Written by: ilene bauer

My husband tried to kill the germs
That lurk within our space.
He bought a spray-top Lysol and 
He spritzed around the place.

Now germs are rather clever things – 
Invisible and sly;
You never know exactly where
Their tiny bodies lie.

They like to float up in the air
And cling to walls and sinks.
I have no faith a spray will work,
Despite what Lysol thinks.

The label shouts out loud and clear
That ninety-nine percent
Of virus and bacteria 
Will leave – that’s the intent.

But what about the germs that hide,
Avoiding all that mist?
And yes, there is that one percent
That’s likely to resist.

There’s really not much you can do
When germs invade your nest – 
Drink fluids, wash your hands and yes – 
Get lots and lots of rest.

As far as Lysol, what the heck,
It doesn’t hurt to spray.
Perhaps it will convince some germs
It’s time they went away.