The Presidential Haters

Written by: Margeret Bailey

The real reason why there is such criticism with the Presidency,
is because Obama put an end to the Haters' parties,
The dining on gourmet flesh, in the name of terrorism,
came to an end when the Democrats got back in,

The stench of corruption, fornication and debauchery,
executed on the backs of residents of middle eastern ancestry,
died an abrupt death when a minority seized the reigns,

The Presidency may be at stake from the withdrawal pains,
Haters refusing to relinquish their sinister grips on foreign flesh
and the wealth that it brings,

The Presidency stands in the way of their sins,
The day their delirious fun ended, a wave of hating started,
The advantage taking of a people came to a halt,
giving way to the rantings of naysayers, seeking to bring the
President down.