wishful thinking

Written by: Naldeem Bout

So many times so quick to judge,
so easily, we bare that grudge
thinking the better of ourselves
as if we know whats good and well.
We give advice, to recieve none
heed what we say or be undone.

we always have a new way out
but never truly do escape,
or else we wouldnt live the tale
as surely we do all but fail.
We are the ones they should call wise
for such is evident in our own eyes
If we were wrong, would we not know?
follow us, and with you go . . 

The yellow brick road was paved by us,
we showed alice to wonderland,
we gave snowwhite her waking kiss,
and gave aladin chance to wish.
we are live in our own fairytale
so follow us to fields of bliss . . .

or you could listen to truth,
but there'd be so much fun to miss.