Breezy bellows on paisley wing,
Fluctuating colors personify spring.
Flowers dot the dewy emerald grass,
Rain-ripe haze swaddles azure mass.

Engorging hasty babbling streams,
Torrent waltzing on occasional sunbeams
Currents whisper secrets to stoic stone,
Worn from the incessant drone.

Buds burst forth ever-green,
Winter’s pall washed clean.
Sunshine perks-up springtime glooms,
Glistening on rain-dropped blooms.

Tagging games merrily ensue,
Prism's from the sun lambent peek-a-boo.
wind-chimes tinkle a merry tune,
Harmonizing with a distant loon.
Rainbows arc the moody veil,
Butterflies follow the tinted trail.
Spangling wings multi-hues,
Nature heralds refreshing news.

Bejeweled wings flutter-by,
thunder rumbles in the sky.
Weaving from bloom to bloom,
Fat from nectar they'll consume.

Flora jovial, willing to share,
Having plenty of sweets to spare.
Pollinating the sea of poppies red,
busy bees hum, "Get out of bed."

Musical serenade on a wet spring day,
Guaranteed to chase winter blues away.
Drops drumming on windowpane.
Spring recitation, "Singing in the rain."