A Shattered Image

Written by: Leigh Trent

As I scrape off the mask 
To reveal what’s underneath
Blood starts dripping from my face and nails
Then one crack and a chip at a time 
I start to see what was hidden
And I’m horrified by it
Yet comforted all at the same time
It’s a vulgar sight
That is completely insulting
Yet somewhere deep down
I know this is who I am
And I like it.
I scrape at the mask more
Trying to get it off
I no longer shall hide from the world
If they don’t like it
They can deal with that on their own
Then the mask comes off completely
Scared of everything that I see
I bang my fist into the mirror
And watch it shatter to the floor
As all the microscopic pieces cut me 
I collapse on the floor
In pain and agony
Laying in a pool of sweet smelling red liquid 
Oozing from all the cuts
 Crying out with no one to hear!