Righteousness- An Irony for The Few

Written by: Subhabrata Ghosh Chowdhury

Righteous World!!!

The Righteous, who are proud as they know it!
Are the foulest of them all!

"The Few" seeks refuge under the veil of transgression.
The Righteous or 'The Rightful' as they call themselves bolts in from nowhere.

'The Rightful' are too proud,
They speak too loud,
For the achievements which 'they' think has made them proud.

"The Few" fall under their domain.

The Righteous in the course of time forget to teach what is necessary,
As forgetting is a hideous mistake.

And forgetting in the nick of time is more than a mistake.

Since, to err is to human,
But to err again is not rightful.

So, "The Few" eventually rides the wave of rebellion.
But, The Righteous appearing again, 
Chides "The Few" of doing anything righteous.
Since, righteous according to them is not righteous as they think to be.

Chiding regularly according to them is the most righteous thing.

But they forget, that mistakes once heaped into a pile turns into filth.

But "The Few" knows what it is to be righteous.

As, obligation comes into play in shaping the so called Righteous people.

"The Few" gets crushed in order to become people of honour under the righteouses.

For, it is according to these righteouses, "The Few" become the downtroddens.

And it is for this very reason,
In this very season,
"The Few" becomes the rebellions.