Where Are You Going Without Me

Written by: Cynthia Alvez

Where are you going without me? 
Said the cloud to the sunbeam
As it gaily danced across the sky.
I am going to kiss the flowers, 
Join the birds in song, 
And warm the butterflies.

I won't be long she sang out, 
Her voice was light and gay.
I cannot tarry to talk any longer, 
For a sunbeam this is a perfect day.

I'll tickle the wings of bumble bees, 
I'll tiptoe through the meadows,
Play hopscotch in the gentle rain; 
When the day is almost over
I'll return to play hide and seek
With you again.

12 noon
September 8, 2003

(since 2003 I have added more to this poem)...

A Poet Who Loves To Sing