Frantic brainstorming

Written by: Chuma Okonkwo

Reclined on a lounger, my eyes 
firmly shut
And my brain in a tabular rasa 
With utterly nothing I was 
thinking about
Yet I feel like my brain was 
burning, as much energy
As when it was in an active 
It burnt more oxygen than my 
heart beat(s).

Network of my brain nerves 
connected to the hippocampus,
Where avalanche of memoirs 
were stockpiled,
Collated and weaved my 
memoirs into a narrative genre,
Linked with the thoughts about 
my gauged future
And turned my brain into an 
energy-hungry thingamajig
Consuming chunk of every of 
my calorie intake.

Now my pathways engaged in 
multitudes of creative ventures
Helping me to weigh up the 
pros and cons
Linking up unending divergent 
That are hard to come to terms 
At what was my brain synced 
to? Nothing really!
I was only gripped in a frantic