Vietnam's Broken Souls

Written by: Donna Jones

Surviving war can break a soul
Leave deep inside a jagged hole
Workings of a mind pay its toll
Getting through today our furthest goal

They called you at that early age
Nothing really more than boys
Thought you were invincible at that stage
But M16's became your toys

When those of you who did survive
Got back to this land of the free
You were barely more than alive
But spat on by people like we

Work for you was hard to find
Seen through eyes as though were blind
Said no heroes welcome awaited us
Just a lonely ride on a quiet bus

Asked were we right or were we wrong
To with these acts go along
In this place did we belong
*Thoughts invaded by a trumpets song

Too many questions without answers it seems
Hope for happiness towards negative leans
Blood and anguish fill your dreams
You wonder what this torment means

Was God there and could He see
Things suffered both by you and me
If so how could He possibly be
A God of love for answers you plea

If He did and feels your pain
Then He knows at His feet you've lain
This broken soul in which you no longer believe
It's future now in His hands you leave

So many hurt so many dead
So many things left unsaid
Did they realize or even care
Their fear and pain you always share

And if you could you would go
To where they are and they would know
That every day that you have had
You remember them all and through the bad

You'd say your memories are here with me
And each of you I long to see
Where ever it is that you may be
I pray your souls are resting peacefully

When you're gone and leave this land
I know you'll search for your brothers and
Eagerly reach out your battered hand
Beside them forever stand

*Enemy blew trumpet before attacking

┬ęDonna Jones