Agnes Was a Better Cook Than You

Written by: Elton Camp

Agnes Was a Better Cook Than You

By Elton Camp

Agnes really knew how to fix her hair
Sometimes I think you don’t much care

Plus, she never gained an ounce of weight
Because dieting & exercise she didn’t hate

She always knew how to dress just right
Her clothes were neat and never too tight

Even if she was sick, she was always able
To get up and have breakfast on the table

My underwear and socks were put away
All ready for me to wear on another day

And Agnes never spent too much money
I’ll have to admit that she was a real honey

And she kept the house so nice and clean
Check the dust and you’ll see what I mean

Anytime when we were lying in bed,
She wasn’t tired or an ache in her head

Wife number two let out an angry roar
“Don’t ever mention her to me anymore!”

(Unlike most of my writes, this one doesn’t arise from personal experience, but I have observed it in acquaintances.)