Written by: Leonard Kleeman

We are told to never assume,
to guess, or to anticipate
or even try to presume.

So if we try to articulate
of things we aren't sure,
do we assume or shut the door
on thoughts we may abhor?
So don't assume, just give the facts
that you are sure to know. 
And you will find
it often stumps your mind
how the facts become just so.

The facts somehow get twisted up
even though you know for sure
that you were right and others wrong
no matter to whom you implore.

That's really known as politics
when facts aren't facts and we assume 
the facts are just made up for tricks.
Then no one knows for sure 
who's right or wrong or just 
what is the score. 

One side says the other is wrong
and tries to give the true facts.
But their facts are no more true
than a fairy tale or an old song. 

So once again we should not assume
to know what we really know.
Just toss it up and then presume 
the facts got lost 
as round and round you go.

*  This poem was written as the result of listening to political debates and political messages, talking points, and commercials during the 2012 elections.