Cyclops orb, a fire in his eye,
Azure robes drape the sky,
He sits in the diurnal throne,
Radiance made of molten stone.
Perpetuating the vast sky,
Waiting as the hours tick by.
She maintains the infinite night,
He keeper of the eternal light.
She the moon bright in onyx skies,
He the light at dawning sunrise.
Sharing the same celestial domain,
Opposites matched as lovers reign.
Symbolized 24 hours her yang to his yin,
Where one ends the other'll begin.
A twinkle between dusk and twilight,
They exist for that fleeting delight.
Their love conceived the zodiac vale,
Stars bespeckled luminescence pale.
Skinny dipping in the Ursa major and minor,
Floating on the milky way what could be finer.
The great ship constellation, Argo Navis, prime,
Till that instant when old father time'll chime.