Cuddly Teddy Bear- Cuddly Me

Written by: Jade Celeste

Who ever saw a skinny teddy bear?
What an absurdity!
Aren’t teddy bears good for cuddles because they are tubby?
They are nice and round and with a nice little tummy!

I’m cuddly like a teddy bear
Cuddly, cuddly, cuddly
I’m not thin like a stick
I’m pillowy and dreamy to hold
You get a great big handful of love
When you squeeze my arms
Got to give a reach when 
You take me in your arms
But when you need to snuggle at night
Put your head on something warm and pillowy
Your arms around something soft and round and snuggly
I’m your snuggly teddy bear
Snuggly, snuggly, snuggly
When has this stupid world
Fallen out of love with what children still adore
People who have more than just skin and bones
People who are round and a little tubby
Cute and a little chubby
Sweet and a little snuggly
Just like my adorable little teddy
cuddly, cuddly, cuddly 
Just like………ME!

Eileen Manassian Ghali