Written by: Litha Ntandane


See morning as she emerges 
from the east,
Setting the horizon on fire with 
her red cloak,
The dark night fading away in 
the west,
Fleeing from her rosy blazeā€¦

Listen as the birds honour her 
with sweet voices,
While the flightless sound the 
trumpet to wake the half-dead,
She whispers, her gentle breath 
making the morning breeze,
Dreamers wakeup to dream 

Smell her unscented fragrance 
as she passes by
Rare a scent so pure;
Need not be blended, 
Nevertheless chimneys dilute.

At her touch everything comes 
Flowers smile,
Frost lifts,
A new day breaks.

She blesses her children with all 
One more chance to change,
Another chance to love,
Another day to live.

She grows sweeter by the days,
For he knows his days are 
He smiles on his last day,
For he understands, heaven is