Veggie Blunt

Written by: Jimmi Canada

My babies loved the cats

Through the ages of the naps

In the pages

In the clasp

On the floor

Atop a mat

I pull it out
and flip a bat
-let a lover free the band

So I may rebuttal
and unleash some wrath...

Because just one tap on the blacks
leads a lover to the back

Just like one Cambridge man of the past-
holds a drink
and chats your gas

-shoots your lore
back at the boss
holds your cross with MS DOS

Dances slow 
Without a flirt

Dances slow
and acts the jerk

Wounds the birds
with sailing lurch

Corrodes the curbs
with wheeling verse

(...)   Feeling verve 
eats the skirts

While doing peddles
and bronzing metals

Mutating meadows 
while racing against yellows

Seasons those fellows
pollinating in the bellows
of an R1 while you're having so much fun

Being a beast while you're facing the gun

In the rip of time between going home and burning the buns

Focusing on the fever that got you your lump some