The moxie

Written by: Jimmi Canada

I can read for days
and write through the hypes

I can age old beer
with emotional nights

I can eat a whole pie
and pray not to die

I can sleep with no sound
just like you hide behind the pound

I can see the wind

I can taste the sky

I can see that I wasn't here first-
because...look! There! That's the real guy! 

I can find a foundation
and prove procreation

But I can't do it alone
I need gyration

So far away from being old, 
from singing songs that get played out by the bowl

...But the apes did there part...
and so did the Nazi's...
and so did the internet...
and so did the moxie...

Becasue real people like jocking
While fake ones like coughing

Needy nights keep popping

while wasted winter is still flopping

while a dead prince is beating and haughty

you are still lieing
and you are still bossing! 

So keep reading the facts, 
keep praying for slack, 
keep wasting precious brain, 
and making another feel insane

come out and mac! 
do it again and again and again and again! 
Be gone in a pack
like micro germs
you discovered my nack.