Learn to fly

Written by: Jimmi Canada

They come out fully armored 
Basked in electricity
And ready for endearment
-To plasticize your greatest vice

To try you must fry, 
bake, kill or even die.

**** um man! 

Learn to fly

**** um Sam! 
‘But he would have hated that you guys…'

They hate to grow
And to cause another's crow, 
Howl, wow, 
Or to even to say doe! 

Just like some can smash a reptile like eggs on a steak 

Don't be in exile
When the rent at first seems fake 

Feelin a smile? 
Come on into the dial, 
The climax is versatile, 
Worth while…

At a seaman mans court trial, 
Sitting in a dish with the cork and file

I run a horny mile, 
As an anglophile

With great revival
Taking it as part of survival

Just like Fival...

Not 25? that's fine...
He was a small mouse in a favorite cartoon of mine, 
he had the shine, 
and he endangered evil every time he got wide

he knew where the heart was at, 

just like an old man with too many brats

he searched for the facts, 
and jumped ontop of gods back, 

took the ride all the way home and back

So send sleet at slue whenever it doesn't hear you dude

Time is caustic as the mood
And people require the smooth

So you with your ample groove-
can get it on with any type of woo

Even if its just a helpless animal-
that is only looking for some proof