When It Rains, It Pours

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

When it rains it definitely pours with me.
Either I have way too much time on my hands for months literally,
or I'm so busy without any free time at all for months for anybody,
but more unfortunately, absolutely no free time for yours truly.
Yes, when it rains it truly does pour when it comes to me.
I guess I should feel thankful most sincerely
during times of "way too much time on my hands for months literally,"
because I'm often unemployed during those periods regularly,
but apparently, that still has not yet hurt me financially,
but I'm NOT rich by any stretch of the imagination,
so don't even think of trying to get a loan out of me.
I'm just your everyday hard working blue collar stiff, 
who just happens to know how to manage his money.