Climbing The Tree

Written by: Dan Kearley

I spent a day with thoughts that only my mind could see Under what is now I'd say a very large tree Thinking thoughts of my younger years,that only I had seen When I was a young boy so careless and full of glee What things this wonderous world had then instore for me Such a joy it would be for me to once again now see How I spent my younger days of foolishness so free Under what is now this large and very old tree Amongst the blowing and whispering winds This young boys journeys are so soon to begin With a new day of thoughts always sure to sink in As he carefuly reaches for each and every new limb Another year the boys mind grows a little bit more bolder The young boy and the tree both grew another year older Thinking on this day now he may finally reach the top But mother sees from the window yelling for him to "stop!" So upset the boy yells back asking his mother, "why?" Then with that motherly loving,yet old firmilure sigh She says "because I love you and don't want you to fall" "Haven't you learned anything in that school at all?" "Like whatever goes up must always come back down?" "And the last thing I need to see is you falling down to the ground!" Upset he climbs back down on his face such a disapointed frown With thoughts of one day climbing it when she's nowhere around This is one of those rules that most boys must always break One day climbing to the top no matter what it may take To see the world from a new view,and a different height Sometime when he's all alone out of his loving mothers sight