True Lords

Written by: Jimmi Canada

And then I saw her start to dance…

Feeling ‘In-France, '
I sang, 

Once in a whole year
She orders the pizza! 

The rest of it she's
Spinning in place
Saying chichineatza! 

But sometime 
On the road to danger
She came longer
Than anybody inspects

She came longer
Than impressive bereft

It was a bonger! 
This random guy took whole check! 

But he was a bomber
the world almost got wrecked.

But I came back on her, 
Without my respect

I ran around longer
Than anybody inspects, 

It came time to say 'I am left, '
So I ran, and then I lept, 
Never to return home 
-Now running for the press

Because Simon only knows what Simon really says, 
I say, as I bite bronze harder than a T-Rex

I smite the jogger, the wanderer, and the possessed, 
I smite the Wrong-Doer whom nobody suspects
Because I am correct, 
Goddammit I am a mess! 
Totally appalled and under arrest, 
Totally estranged to becoming undressed, 

Like wounds that are healing, 
I want to do my best.

I just want one motorcycle, one girl, and one neck.
Don't call me horse -man -bear -pig; 
but demon, 
demon -man -chick, 

Pop your pimples

Free up your ticks

Match and pair, 
and then underwear- shit

Rotate the clips

-Story mode, 
Movie night, 
Interesting sight.

Come longer than a pipe! 
Industrial size...
and full of device.

And smoke pot...
For Christ! 

Pick ‘um all up at their price

Dose yourself like mice

Interrupt yourself when you have advice

And notice it when there brains are away,
and on vacation for the day


stay away,
by staying awake!

I'm sorry prince fake,
you're going the other way!