Written by: Leonard Kleeman

As we get old,
so we are told
we tend to forget many things, 
and yet,
Some things are not forgettable.

We'll remember some we can't forget.
We can't remember being born,
but we can't forget when we are torn 
by love or death and 
of things we've shorn.

We'll never forget the first of things,
of first loves and wedding rings.
We remember some friends
and changes and trends.

But names are just lost
somewhere in our brain.
No matter the cost
our mind seems to wane.

We remember events 
but not of the sense
of people and places 
or names or what tense.

Things just seem to happen
as we get old,
our hair gets thin and 
we lose our hold
of names and times when 
we were once bold.

Our minds seem to wander
as we get old
of things we should ponder.
Then we are told
to remember the times 
when we were bold
and had a good life 
before getting old.

But most important of all,
for things big or small,
We should never forget
as if it were gloved,
who we are, what we did
and who we loved.