The Devils Claws

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Watching the Jacaranda tree
Pollarded for the season
Just like the devils hands
Reaching up, but for what reason?

They are waiting to catch the unsuspecting
Waiting for them too fall
Under the jacaranda tree
Waiting for them all.

Its trunk a boney arm
Its branches outstretched to clasp
Waiting for the unfortunate ones
Those that don’t know how to ask.

Ask for forgiveness, for their wanton ways
The devil Jacaranda, watching those that play
They fall under his tree, his boney fingers then grab
He takes you down to hell, for some it’s not too bad

For those that fell short 
And those their soul did sell
Avoid the Jacaranda tree
It’s your passage way to hell

© 27/01/2012