Missing You

Written by: Elizabeth Skiba

I miss you so when you are away
I miss you so what can I say
I miss you dear and very much
I miss your smile I miss your touch

It’s not the same without you here
I want to feel you I want you near
I want to feel your hug and a kiss
Touch of your hands I dearly miss

The way you hold me it’s only you
And when you kiss me what can I do
The way you smile touch me so deep
Only your heart I want to keep

I want to hold you so very tight
And be with you  all day and night
That would be all I want to do
Simply to be only with you

I want your smile see every day
I want you near and not away
I want to look into your eyes
And see my love my paradise

You say I’m cute one of a kind
Someone like me it’s hard to find
I don’t agree with you at all
Simply because, I'm simple girl