the bargaining chip

Written by: andrew delapruch

unsatisfied with a life 
by the significant other of
s/he begins to flirt, to open a
door &
lets in the heart of another,
who appreciates him/her
like s/he feels that s/he should be,
who makes him/her feel 
sexy, who makes him/her feel
alive, who makes him/her
feel like leaving said significant other,
at least some of the 
for the years spent with 
the longtermer, have not all been bad,
they’ve just begun to wither 
like any flower that has been
taken out of the sun &
letting on to the new heart in her life
so as to set jealousy aflame in
the mind of the longtermer
is all part of trying to stir things up,
to make him/her appreciate what it is
that s/he has,
to keep them together
by any means necessary,
inevitably leaving this new heart
in the gutter,
having fulfilled their job as the
bargaining chip.