Knowledge Concieved

Written by: Stacey Behal

As the brain plays,
The pieces graze,
Forming a phase,
To conform words,

Magnificient to small,
Minimized or caplocked tall,
Knowledge will fall,
Into place when wanted,

For the chemicals rise,
Inside the body flies,
Meaningful ties,
Bringing up a life.

How conveniently set,
Boy or girl it's met,
Until the Outside threat,
Reaches the end.

Stepping back; crew,
Seeing the child blue,
The next step to do,
Is the seeing of the funeral day.

Family arrives,
Husbands and wives,
Remembering the drives,
Of the little ones remainders.

Little movements were heard,
Eyes became blurred,
Sayings were slurred,
Opening up a new vision.

Knowing what was,
A weighted cause,
The heart beats pause,
Needing his laugh one more time.

What a beautiful smile,
A respectful style,
Wishing him to stay awhile,
But the time has already passed.

Inhaling then Exhaling air,
Sending up a prayer,
Not meaning to stare,
At the family in need.

Present beats what's passed,
Leaving memories to last,
With costs vast,
But not wanting to move forward.

A little boys cry,
Says his last goodbye,
Leaving the room dry,
As they take him away.

Hold on; it's only right,
He's the young sisters knight,
Holding onto any freight,
She may withold in the future.

Push to the next,
Beat the wish of the wrecks,
To recieve the respects,
From those who care-let them in and hold them dear.