Motor Head Boi

Written by: Jimmi Canada

Intact I am math, 
But in a blast I run fast

...Somewhere above the tree line-
I am seen as fine, 
But inside I am tried...

Weather doesn't help locate a song

So I hop on a motorcycle to get gone...

I soon crash it into a nearby tree, 
and lay on the ground for weeks…

The sooner I come home
The lesser I learn how to lead

And its never anything but my last breathe of shine that I felt my teeth grind-
****ing the enemy
...the way of the blind

Organic and prime, 

My weaknesses don't show
So I am fine...

And while feeling fine, 
In an interesting wine, 
I smell the pine, 
It aches within me, 
-Rakes at my earliest pillory

So I walk on pleased, 
Get paid, 
And then go spend all my pees

...With this withering game of time, 
I feel hexed to grow some of mine

But I soon stop, 
Eager to drop, 
1,2,3, and then four…

Four strips, One token, 
And two years unspoken

Where I turn and spin in the door

A splended welcome to adore! 

What shores have washed away from these pores! 

What course I have taken to learn how to adore!

But there is a land I lived in alive
but it just wasn't my find, 
I was there, 
but it wasn't my mind...

I wish I could scream! 
Feel mean! 
Go away unnoticed! 
Then re-arrive climbing in trees! 

Birds eat the bees
Lizards the breeze

But character never breeds 
Its gotta be seen-
understood, spoken and then dreamed
before you wake to it
-just like she made ya do it
-and you jerked yourself through it

Started ta loosin' it
And got loaded
and became a rude influence