I am an Opsemath

Written by: Peter Brown

I am an opsemath and proud so to be
in a search for new learning I'd like a degree,
Knowledge is power so my thinking is plain
that learning's like fish; it's food for the brain,
I like to do crosswords and read lots of books
I'm quite antisocial I don't care how it looks,
A jack of all subjects but a master of none
a doyen of quiz teams I have lots of fun,
When I find a new subject I focus my mind
to learn and absorb so the brains unconfined,
Architecture, Astronomy are grist to my mill
but my latest interests are the crops in Brazil,
Knitting and Cross-Stitch are all in the frame
to be looked at and learnt from it's just a big game,
I am an opsemath and proud so to be
I take after my Dad he's exactly like me.