A Dog In The House

Written by: Elton Camp

A Dog in the House

By Elton Camp

Visitors know he’s there when they enter the door
For there’s a rank odor that they’ve smelled before

It’s one that only a fanatical dog lover could please
A powerful mixture of dog food, urine and feces

The next thing that hapless visitors won’t believe
Those small, brown, jumping insects on their sleeve

Then there is Fido himself, on the couch making a bed
“Please come in and have a seat,” the dog owner said

After pushing aside a dirty blanket, they sit down
But the wonderful Fido soon comes looking around

The filthy varmint gives an unexpected jump
Right into the horrified visitor’s lap, kerplunk

The visitor screams and tries to push Fido away
“He wants to give you a kiss,” the owner will say

The visitors remember the need to be somewhere
And that they have but a few minutes to get there

But reminders of precious Fido they don’t lack
His hairs on their clothes, both front and back