Petals in the wind

Written by: susan simpkins

                        Petals in the wind
The beauty of the earth is made from the greatest creator of the universe,
To always thank The Lord,and put him first.
A warming of the sun that touches our soft gentle face,
It's all because God,made this earth an amazing  special place.
To thank God ,no matter where or when,
He is always listening,He will always be your faithful friend.
Talk to him everyday,and tell him how much you love and care for him,
The true signs of his love,is the petals in the wind.
The petals of the wind are the true signs of God's amazing love,
To believe in him,the king of heaven,the great one above.
The petals of the wind is letting us know he is always watching us,
To pray to him,He is the one true king,that your heart can honestly trust.