Written by: jeffry cohan

                             SUBCUTANEOUS SAVAGERY  

From the sublime to the savage
With relevance to ravage
By a being beset by a beauty’s betrayal begotten
My well-fed fortune forgotten
My reality rotten

An acrid and sulfuric soliloquy spoken sullenly and suddenly by a spirit betrothed to a fiend
By a warlock once weaned

From the sublime to the subway
A subterranean trail to travel
With a revelation to unravel
My better judgment judged by a conductor’s gavel
Under a tundra’s tunnel
A metaphorical funnel
Learning what a lunatic like me lacks
I am a train that has jumped the tracks

This is a fourteen scotch in an Irish pup day
While I ride in a subcutaneous subway
A subway stained by sin and sedition 
And my next stop on this train is Perdition
                                     © 2012 copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~