Elevator Man

Written by: Odin Roark

Elevator Man 

A wrinkled hand
rotates Time's worn handle of half circles
giving arrest to past rides awakened

Up and down
never forgetting

Watch your step

Ornate iron confinement
charming for youth
insulation for some
sentencing for others

Cables retch echoing secrets within
sliding metal dregs past elevated remembrances
among whispered conspiracies
softly spoken nothings
muffled weeping
all preambles shadowed
in corners of illusive passage

Momentary respite
gradually gives way to silent whimpers of fear
as passengers await floor-stops
penthouse dreams

Elevator man's eyes rise

Arcing brass arrow above
waves Wisdom's index finger
past invisible floor thirteen
allowing today's filigree of delusions to remain patient...

for the moment