Walking away

Written by: Ale A A

                                       I’m still mostly all of me
                                           Life still entices me 
                                          Laughter given freely 
                                      Most moments I’m happy
                             But thought of you randomly enters me 
                               Tear at my heart and reminds me
                                 That you were an impossibility 
                         My brain confirms my decision was sound
                                    My heart falters and burns

                             There was no relationship to break up
                               Just an unexpected soul connection 
                   You touched me with words as beautiful as the sun
                         But in the end our prior commitments won
                               Our other loves took round one
                                  I could not tarnish my vows
                              Or tore a heart I swore to protect
                           So instead my heart bears the burden
                          Cracked not shattered no longer in tack
                                    Just a little less beautiful