Say You Love Me, Cough it Out

Written by: lucky okoedion

Your hands wrap me in your embrace,
My heart stops abruptly in solace
and the current flows through my body; then I'm fused
and fixed up in your grimace .
But i must ask or place an Oliver's request;
as i am in a flux wallowing in your love's ruses.
Say you love me, say it out; quench my thirst.

Tell me, don't seduce me. Open your mouth,
speak up! Don't hide behind quiet's camouflage
and pretend that you love me. Cough it out!
Do you love me for what i have or do you have
me for what i love? You should say it loud
in the open market square, in the presence of my enemies.
Both of those who friend of their enemy is their enemy,
and those who enemy of their friend is their friend. Go round,
tell me you love me,
although i know it.
I like to hear it.
Say it out till those you fear can hear it,
I don't want to fall into the feces hole of emotional fallacy.
Falling in love is emotional witchcraft, standing in love is rational.
The more emotional, the less rational.
My heart can't manage the adversity of love confession scarcity.

Whisper into the noisy environments of my heart
torn apart by reasonable doubts and fears,
and say you love me. Let it blow in like fresh air
cooling my temperament, firing my senses to act.

Let me hear you say it, though i know it.
It is like cold water chilling down my sun-fried soul.
Don't pretend to Africa that you love her, say it!
If you're ashamed of her, you are not one of her own.