Written by: Paul Beadnall

An unexpected winfall did come our way,on festive season able to spoil family and friends,which gave us much pleasure. A freezing England was not to be had,Egypt bound for the New Year. Arriving in Sharm New Years Eve,brand new to Egyptian culture falling to some of the wolves that prey on the vulnerable. Three days of hell in our first hotel,until were transfered to what seemed paradise, the restart of our holiday. The meeting of Kylie,an English business woman,proved our angel bonded immediately,her third time in Egypt and put on right track. Inseperable throughout the duration,adventurous,wide knowledged. Although narrowly avoiding drowning,whilst snorkling ;) Be it lazing on the beach,or quad biking in the desert everyday be a pleasure to wake,rising sun,eclipsing the mountains. Just a touch cold at times,my Skinbob had thermals at hand ;) A fort night of relaxing, pleasureable heat,woke up in England, 2 feet of snow. We have found a true friend in Kylie Harry,sheesha and sambukka`s soon. xx