Hard Tymes

Written by: Travis Johnson

Its hard to keep my head held high
when my soul is drowning in sorrow
greatful for each day
but hate to see what comes tomorrow
when I look in the mirror
my eyes are filled with self hatred
thinking of all my situations 
rushing, and now I see I'm impatient
day in day out
I started to have dangerous thoughts
so its me; good vs. evil
its the battle that has to be fought
and the more I reach for success
the more they shut the doors
I use to feel the pain from it
but now I don't feel the hurt no more
maybe cause I'm popping pills like its crazy
using LSD cause I'm depressed
why  would I stop there? 
I drink V.S.O.P. to relieve the stress
and as much as I pray for something good
and I hope for the best
still nothing comes up 
and my faith grows less
maybe I'm doing drugs and alcohol
cause I feel I have nothing left
but still I feel better than you
cause you hide it and I let it off my chest