Written by: Marylou Mansfield


How wondrous…
A cold winter’s day
Frigid air snaps the face
And wakes it from comfortable warmth

Blanketed white…
A winter’s ground is tucked away
Smoothed, clean surface
Folds into corners of thickets

Lone track …
A small creature seeks repast
Imprints in the crystalline surface
Leave behind a trail to its destination

Pure white…
Punctuated with grays and browns
Beauty in stark desolation
Feeds the senses

Royal entrance…
Fluttered appearance of a brilliant red cardinal
Commands the scene
He owns the naked branch

Last afternoon vestiges…
Linger as long as possible
Brilliant red perched on a jagged gray line
Peruses the diamond sparkles laid at his feet

Night falls… this day is one of a kind….