The Stranger

Written by: Donna Jones

I saw a stranger on the road by my house today
He said he'd gone walking and had lost his way
He looked tired and I asked him if he was ok 
With tears in his eyes he said I will be someday

I ask him if he would like a ride
I opened the door and he climbed inside
He seemed not to care if he lived or died
But I know this from me he tried to hide

As we drove I ask him his name
He told me his and ask me the same
Told me from out of state he came
To visit his father had been his journey's aim

Said his parents had recently split
Looked so small there where he did sit
I asked if he felt better, he said a little bit
I know he only said that for my benefit

I think he saw the concern in my eyes
As I told him I couldn't offer him much advise
But I was sorry his parents problems caused him such sacrifice
And that too often for them kids paid the highest price

Just then he raised up the cap on his head
I'm fifteen not a kid is what he said
Wisdom beyond his years on that young face I read
A determined future ahead not easily mislead

It's funny but that lost boy inspired me
Through his innocent eyes I began to see
We're many times stronger than we think we'd be
When life challenges our humanity

We found the way back where he needed to go
His spirits seemed not to be quite so low
He said thank you ma'am, you're one person I'm glad to know
I'll always remember this ride in your Corvette....well, I hope so...

┬ęDonna Jones