The Uncertain Future pt 2

Written by: John Streeter

and i shall share the experience of my dream, my fortitude to accept the----"Uncertain
  "Yes I would, and if I could and had to face the world alone, and if it would......surily
O'Wise Owl did promise me that it is all good and as well as it should.
I would invite to the table of brotherhood only dreamers, "who believes in a dream,
and the interpertation shall reveal amongst the clouds....that the tomorrows of our
wakeup is prove possitive that motivation is a tool to have one to explore the serenity
of the indepthness of ones mind of somehow the day's and nites are not always as
bleek as it may seem, but peaches & cream...there is hope beyond the horizone and
this hope is what is to believe to be outcome of the outcry of the...{Rapture}.  And
from this..."let us all band together of the possibilities for...(Joyfullness) and Peace..{!!}
"The Uncertain Future..??"