Written by: James Loggins

You will sometimes have the chance to see
A man or a woman on your TV
Being accused of some heinous crime
And denying it in order to try to spare his or herself jail time

He or she will try his or her absolute best
To try to beat some polygraph test
So he or she can try clear his or her name
Because once the truth comes out, nothing will be the same

Whether he or she is accused of harming someone
He or she can try to hide or run
But only the truth can help set them free
I see all these monsters on my TV

Doing their best to tell his or her false story
While some can instantly see the look of worry
Written deep in his or her eyes
But there are some who believe the lies

That these people continue to tell
But everyone will remember well
The day when all these criminals will be revealed;
When he or she will be unmasked and their fate sealed